20pcs Blue Mini Bubble Air Stone for Aquariums, 0.98×0.47 Inch


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The 20pcs Blue Mini ​Bubble Air ⁢Stone for Aquariums measures 0.98×0.47 inches,​ providing ⁣consistent and fine bubbles for aquarium aeration. It is made of durable material and is suitable for both freshwater‌ and saltwater tanks. This air stone helps ⁢increase oxygen levels and improves overall water quality in the⁣ aquarium.

Key Features:

– Mini air stone for aquariums
– Made of mineral ‌material
– ‍Suitable for freshwater and saltwater use
– Increases oxygen flow in the aquarium
– Pack of 20 air stones⁢ included


– Material: Plastic, Mineral
– Color: Blue
– Total‌ Size: 0.47*0.6*0.79 inch (L*W*H)
– Net Weight:⁤ 0.23LB
– Connector Size: 0.16 inch


– Soak ⁢air stones in water for 1 hour before use
– Clean air stones with a‍ brush when clogged⁢ with dirt
– Suitable for aquariums, fish tanks,⁣ and aquarium pipes
– Provides a natural living ‍environment for fish


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