25 Tennessee Grown Stella D’oros Daylilies



The ‌”25 Tennessee Grown Stella D’oros ‍Daylilies” are a set ‍of daylily plants that are ⁣locally grown ​in Tennessee. These daylilies are known⁤ for their vibrant yellow blooms and⁣ low maintenance requirements, making them a popular choice for gardeners‍ looking to add color to their garden.

Key Features:

– Sensational, award-winning reblooming daylily
– 2-3 fan‌ size ⁤for faster ⁤growth
– Blooms in heavy clusters‌ of golden yellow flowers
– Deer and drought resistant
– Rebloom in cycles throughout ⁢the season
– Zone 4-11
– Wholesale prices for 2-3 fan size
– Most popular ⁤daylily‍ for a​ good reason


– Size: 2-3 fan
– Color: Golden yellow
– Zone: 4-11
– Resistance: Deer ​and‌ drought resistant


-⁣ Plant in well-drained soil
– Space plants at least 18 ⁢inches apart
– Water regularly, especially during hot weather
– Enjoy continuous blooming from early season to fall


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