25’x50′ Bird Netting for Chicken Coop Roof, Nylon Mesh Netting for Garden and Aviary



The 25’x50′ Bird Netting for Chicken Coop ‌Roof is made of ‍durable nylon mesh designed ​to protect crops and poultry from birds. The netting is UV-protected, with a 1″ ​mesh size to‌ prevent birds from entering while allowing​ sunlight and air to ‍pass through.

Key Features:

– Heavy duty bird netting made⁢ of UV-proof nylon‌ multifilament
– 3/4 inch mesh netting for maximum protection
– Multifunctional garden ​net ‍for various uses
– ‍Easy to install ‌with‌ included accessories
– Rectangular shape‌ when sides are stretched evenly


– Size: 25ft​ x 50ft
– Material: Nylon multifilament
– Mesh size: 3/4 inch
-⁢ Accessories: Cable ties, stakes, ropes in each corner


– Protect plants from birds ‌and small animals
– Use as blueberry‌ netting, tomatoes netting, ‍cherry netting,⁢ orchard netting, koi pond netting,​ chicken run cover, cat netting,⁤ deer‍ netting, etc.


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