2Pcs Wooden Air Bubble Stone Diffuser for Aquarium Fish Tank

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The 2Pcs Wooden Air Bubble⁣ Stone ⁣Diffuser for Aquarium Fish Tank ⁣is a‌ set of two​ wooden airstones designed to provide oxygen to fish tanks. The diffusers measure approximately 2 inches in diameter and have a porous structure that disperses bubbles evenly throughout the tank, promoting ​a​ healthy aquatic environment.

Key Features:

1.​ Enhances aquarium with increased oxygen ‌levels and fine bubbles
2. Made of high-quality wooden material
3. Sophisticated design with good elasticity
4. Suitable for​ marine aquariums and fresh water
5. Includes 2 wooden air diffusers
6. Easy to use and recommended to replace every 2-3 months


– Condition: 100%⁤ Brand New
– ⁤Material: Wooden
-​ Color: As ⁢Pictures Shown
– Type:​ S, L (Optional)
– Small Length: approx. 4.2cm/1.7in
– Large Length: approx. 7.1cm/2.8in
– Manufacturer: TOPINCN
– Date First Available: November 26, 2020


– Suitable for aquariums, fish tanks, hydroponics systems
– Use with ​an air pump for best results


– Replace wooden air diffuser every 2-3 months for optimal‍ performance.


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