3/4” Mesh Bird Netting – 25x100ft Poultry Net for Garden Protection



The 3/4″ Mesh Bird ⁤Netting⁣ is a 25x100ft poultry ‍net designed to protect gardens from birds and pests. Made⁣ from durable materials, the netting has ​a 3/4″ mesh size to ‍prevent birds from entering while still ⁤allowing sunlight and rain to pass through. It⁢ is easy to install and can be used for various garden protection needs.

Key Features:

– Made⁣ of durable and reusable ⁣nylon multifilament net
– High stretch netting that is stronger than plastic
– UV and weather resistant for indoor and outdoor use
– 3/4″ mesh size for effective protection against animals
– Easy⁤ to install with corner lead ropes, cable ⁣ties, stakes, and ⁤”U” garden stakes included
– Can⁢ be used as bird netting, orchard netting, chicken netting, ‍and more
– 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a 30-day money-back guarantee


– Material: Nylon
– Mesh Size: 2.4″ X 2.4″
– Optional Sizes: 25×50 feet, 50×50 feet, 25×100 feet
– Includes cable ties, stakes, “U” garden stakes, and‌ 4 corner lead ropes


– Protects plants, fruit trees,​ crops from birds, squirrels, ‌deer, and other pests
-⁤ Can be used in gardens, orchards, chicken coops, aviaries, and more


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