3 Giant Hardy Phlox Mix – Plant/Root – Now Shipping



The 3 Giant Hardy Phlox Mix⁤ is a set of three plants/roots that are now shipping. These phlox plants are known​ for their‌ large, colorful clusters of⁢ flowers ⁣and are grown in hardiness zones 3-9. They prefer full sun and well-drained soil for optimal‍ growth. Each plant will reach a height of⁤ 24-36 inches ‍and spread about 18-24 inches.

Key Features:

– Vigorous growth
– Abundant bloom
– Amazing resistance ​to powdery mildew
-⁢ Big billowing white flower heads
-​ Easy to grow
– Heavy​ bloomers
– Long ‌season of bloom


– Plant type: Phlox
– Color: White
– Size: Tall garden phlox
– Resistance: Mildew-resistant
– Exported by: ⁤ExportYourStore


– Ideal for perennial gardens
-‌ Adds color to the garden
– ⁣Requires fungicide⁣ for powdery mildew prevention
– ​Can be grown for a beautiful ⁢display ‍all summer long


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