3 Miscanthus Bandwidth in 3.5″ Container



The 3 Miscanthus Bandwidth in 3.5″ Container is a compact and high-speed⁣ networking device designed for efficient data transfer.‌ It features three Miscanthus bandwidth ​ports, measuring 3.5 inches in​ size, providing fast and reliable connectivity for various network needs.
Key Features:
– Compact Miscanthus with narrow foliage and green and gold ‍bands
-‍ Increased ‍resistance to rust
– Bred​ to ⁢be ⁣infertile, preventing⁣ reseeding
– Hardy zones 5-9
– Height of 2-3 feet, with plume
-⁤ Prefers full sun

– Growth ‌rate: medium-fast
– Suitable for⁣ 1, 2, or 3 gallon containers
– Requires well-drained soil
– ​Water needs: ⁢keep evenly moist
– Fertilizing: use a slow-release, ⁢medium-rate fertilizer
– Possible ‍pests: aphids, spidermites, Anthracnose
-⁤ May ⁣need fungicide treatments to control or prevent Anthracnose
-‍ Overwintering: do not overwater in ‍winter
– Wait 7 to 10 days before repotting after receipt

– Ideal for containers and landscape plantings
– Suitable for all sizes of containers
– ‍Plant in well-drained soil and provide full sun
– Follow care ⁣instructions for optimal growth and​ health
– Contact‍ customer service​ for any concerns within the ⁣first 30 ‍days of receipt


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