300 Pcs Fishing Tackle Organizer and Payment



The ⁣300 Pcs Fishing Tackle Organizer is a comprehensive ⁢set for anglers. Made of durable plastic, the organizer features multiple​ compartments to keep hooks, sinkers, and lures organized and accessible.⁤ The tackle ⁤organizer also comes with various sizes and styles of fishing accessories ⁣for ‍a successful fishing trip.

Key Features:

– Package includes 300 fishing hooks
– Made of carbon steel for durability
-⁣ Various sizes and ⁣weights for different fishing needs
– Perforated fishhook for easy⁣ line‍ tying
– Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing


– Material: Carbon steel
-‍ Color: Silver
– Sizes:‌ 8.2 x 11 cm to 15​ x 20.2 cm
– Weight reference for different types of ⁤fishing hooks


– Ideal for catching ⁣various ​fish species like pike,​ salmon, ⁢bass, and more
– Suitable for use in lakes, rivers, streams, and the sea
– Can be used with soft​ lure‌ baits, worms,‌ and crankbaits
-⁢ Great for fishing enthusiasts looking to increase their catch rate


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