32 oz. Garden Safe Rose & Flower Insect Killer, Ready-to-Use



The 32 oz. Garden⁢ Safe Rose & Flower Insect Killer is a ready-to-use spray designed to combat⁣ insects on roses and other​ flowering plants. It is ‌formulated to target aphids, beetles, caterpillars, and other pests. This⁤ product is safe to use on both indoor and outdoor plants and does not harm beneficial insects.

Key Features:

1. Contains botanical insecticides for a natural-based pest control solution
2. Kills aphids, Japanese beetles, mites, and other listed insects on ​contact
3. Can be used on roses, ⁢houseplants, ornamentals, trees, shrubs, and flowers
4. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
5. Ready-to-use formula, no mixing required
6. Can be applied weekly or as needed, up to 10 times per​ season


– Sprayer should ​be held 18-24 inches away from foliage
– Can be used up to the day of ‍harvest
– Comes in a convenient‍ spray bottle for easy application


– Spray on upper and lower leaf​ surfaces to thoroughly cover the plant
– Repeat treatment weekly​ or as needed to control ⁤insect infestations


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