32oz/1 Quart Systemic Fungicide – Quest Reliant



The 32oz/1⁤ Quart Systemic Fungicide ​-​ Quest Reliant is a powerful solution for controlling and preventing fungal diseases in ⁤plants. This product contains active ingredients that are absorbed‍ by the plant to provide long-lasting⁤ protection. It is easy to use ⁤and suitable for​ both indoor and outdoor ⁢use.
oliar spray or soil‍ drench

Reliant Systemic Fungicide is a powerful solution‍ for controlling a wide range of plant ‍diseases. With a unique mode of action, it quickly translocates throughout the entire plant to kill pathogens on contact and ​protect against further infection. Its compatibility with most pesticides makes it a versatile option for integrated pest management programs.

Key ​Features:

– Reliant Systemic ‌Fungicide⁣ that works​ in 3 ways: as ‌a fungicide, nutrient, and stimulant
– 4-hour re-entry interval and ⁣zero-day pre-harvest interval
– Compatible with most pesticides,‍ except certain copper products
– Can be applied ⁣via root drench, root dip, soil incorporation, chemigation, ‌and basal bark application
– Contains 45.8%​ mono- and di-potassium salts of phosphorus acid
– Protects ​plants from‍ disease infection by thickening cellular walls



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