35PCS DanziX Aquarium Check Valve for 3/16 Inch Tubing



The 35PCS ​DanziX Aquarium Check Valve is designed for 3/16 inch tubing, preventing⁣ water backflow in aquariums. Made from high-quality plastic, it is durable and​ reliable. Easy to install and suitable for various‌ aquarium ‍setups, it ensures proper water flow without⁤ the risk of damage or leaks.

Key Features:

– ⁢Prevents aquarium water back ‍siphoning into air pump
– Includes 35 check valves and‌ 2 ​meters of airline tubing
– ⁤Made of high-quality ‌plastic⁣ materials
– Easy maintenance with ‍toothpick or slim stick
– Connection method with arrow indication


– ‍Materials: Plastic
– Length of Airline ​Tubing: Approx 2 meters
– Size: 2.1″ L x 0.55″ ⁢W
– Diameter of Air Holes: 0.16″
– Color: Red
– Package Dimensions: 6.38 x 5.51 x 1.61 inches
– Manufacturer: ⁤DanziX


– Suitable for standard ​3/16 ⁤inch⁤ airline ​hoses and common ‍aquarium air pumps
– ⁤Not ⁤suitable for CO2 systems
– Protects air pump during power outages or pauses
– Easy maintenance ⁤for clogged ​valves

the Aquarium Check Valve is a reliable and ⁣durable accessory for⁣ maintaining ⁢the functionality of‌ your aquarium ⁣air pump. It is easy to use, ⁤easy ⁤to maintain, and comes ⁤in a value package with multiple check valves and airline tubing.


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