3pcs Carp Feeder Spring Fishing Hook Set



The 3pcs Carp Feeder Spring Fishing Hook Set is ​specially designed ⁤for catching ​carp. It⁤ includes three high-quality spring fishing hooks for increased efficiency.⁢ The set is durable, easy to use, and suitable for both ​beginner and experienced anglers.

Key Features:

– Material: Nylon, Copper, High Carbon Steel
– Size:⁤ 38.50X1.20X1.20cm
– Color: Black
– Hard and wear-resistant carbon steel material
– ‍Carbon steel spring ​for‍ bait ⁢placement
– Sharp hook prevents fish from escaping


– Package List: 3‌ x Hooks
– Usage: Ideal for⁢ carp fishing
– Durable and ⁤long-lasting
– Easy to operate ⁢and convenient to use


– Perfect for beach house, rec room, or fishing trips
– Suitable for shallow and night fishing
– Great accessory for attracting more fish to the‌ hook
– Wait quietly for the fish to be hooked



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