4″ Crankbait Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Saltwater/Freshwater



The “4” Crankbait ‌Fishing Lures are versatile ⁣lures suitable for bass, trout, and saltwater/freshwater fishing.‍ Their realistic design and balanced buoyancy make them effective in​ attracting a wide range of fish ‌species. With a diving depth⁤ of ⁤4-8 feet and sharp treble hooks, these lures are ⁢perfect ​for‌ anglers of‍ all skill levels.

Key Features:

– Realistic design with well-painted pattern and realistic-looking eyes
– Balls-shaped⁤ design for increased ⁢throwing distance
– Reusable and stretchable lure with bright colors
– Made from rustproof and water-resistant plastic material
– Suitable for freshwater fishing⁤ and all water layers
– Comes in ​a set ‍of 10 fishing lures


– Material: Plastic
– Color: As shown in the picture
– Package Weight: approx. 190g
– Size: 10.3cm/4.05in


– Ideal for attracting big fishes in freshwater
– Suitable for different species of fish
– ⁢Can be⁣ used in all water layers
– Great for ‍bass, ‌trout, and other ⁢freshwater/saltwater fishing applications.


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