4oz Pentra-Bark Penetrating Surfactant

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The 4oz Pentra-Bark Penetrating Surfactant is a highly effective solution used to enhance the penetration of ⁢herbicides across plant surfaces. Its advanced formula ⁣reduces surface tension, allowing⁢ for better ‌absorption and increased efficacy of the herbicide. This product is suitable for use​ on a wide range of⁤ vegetation.

Key Features:

– Mobilizes and ⁢transports water soluble⁢ fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, ⁢and other systemic products‌ into the⁤ vascular system of trees
– Eliminates the need for ⁤spraying foliage, soil ‍drenching, bark ⁤injecting, or pressure‌ injecting into ‌soil
– Reduces applicator exposure
– Enhances the effectiveness of systemic products like Reliant
– Non-invasive treatment
-‍ No re-entry interval ​(REI) ⁢and zero-day pre-harvest interval
– Compatible ⁢with most pesticides,‍ insecticides, and⁤ fertilizers
– Contains NO glycol


– Available⁢ sizes: 4oz, 16oz, 32oz, 128oz
– Mixes easily for application via ⁤low pressure sprayer
– Used successfully with popular ⁣systemic products like Reliant,​ Agri-Fos, Garden Phos, Safari, and‌ Zylam
– Registered in California for use with⁣ Agri-Fos fungicide⁢ for Sudden Oak Death


– Apply ⁣to woody‍ plants with microscopic openings in the bark periderm layer
– Opens lenticels and enables movement ⁤into the plant’s‌ vascular transport system
– Always read⁢ and​ follow label directions.


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