4X Strong Hooks 30pcs with Covers 50pcs

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The 4X Strong⁤ Hooks 30pcs with Covers 50pcs are a set of heavy-duty fishing hooks with protective ‌covers. Made⁣ of high-quality materials, these hooks are durable ⁤and ​sharp, suitable for catching larger fish. The covers offer added safety when handling and storing the hooks.

Key Features:

– Made of high quality carbon ‍steel with black nickel plated coating
– Suitable for saltwater, freshwater,⁤ sea, ​river, and lakes
– Treble hook ⁣covers made of polypropylene material
-⁤ Sharp barbs and⁤ 3 curved hooks for quick piercing
-⁤ Treble hook ⁤protector to prevent tangling
– Available in multiple sizes
– Excellent bite coverage​ for fishing artificial hard lures
– After-sales service provided


– Material:‌ Carbon steel with black nickel plated coating
– Cover Material: Polypropylene
– Number of⁤ Hooks: 3
– Sizes: Various sizes available
– Usage: Suitable for different types of ⁣fishing lures


– Ideal for ⁣fishing in saltwater and freshwater environments
– Use with hard lure hooks for effective fishing
– Check size chart before purchasing to ensure proper fit
– Contact customer support for any questions or issues


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