5.5# Aluminum tris (O-Ethyl phosphonate) – Chipco Signature alternative



The 5.5# ⁢Aluminum tris (O-Ethyl phosphonate) – Chipco Signature alternative is a chemical compound used for ⁣pest control in turf management. It features a lower weight of 5.5 pounds compared to the original Chipco Signature product, making ‍it easier⁢ to handle and apply while providing similar effectiveness in controlling pests.

Key Features:

– True two-way systemic ⁢fungicide
– Long term protection against diseases caused ⁢by pythium, phythophthora, and downy mildew
– Effective in ‍the​ suppression of bacterial blights
– No known history of resistance
– Compatible with many commonly used fungicides
– Provides control of additional diseases when tank mixed ⁢with other ​fungicides
– Moves through entire plant from root to shoot
– Stimulates turfgrass defensive mechanisms and enhances plant vigor


– Active ​ingredient: 80% Aluminum⁣ tris (O-ethyl phosphonate)
– Quick absorption within an hour
– Single application⁤ works for up to 30 days
– For use on commercial, industrial, municipal turf, golf courses, ornamentals,⁢ sod farms
– Targets turf diseases such as anthracnose, downy mildew, fire blight, pythium, root rot, yellow tuft, and more


– Apply at least 14 days before or after⁣ an application of a copper-based fungicide to avoid phytotoxicity
– Do not mix with stickers, extenders, and wetting agents
– Refer to label for a list of products that are known ⁣to be compatible or⁢ incompatible with Fosal Select
– Ideal for professional turf management programs to manage stress, improve turf quality, prevent​ fungal infections, and promote plant health


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