5″ Senko Green Pumpkin w/ Purple & Copper Flake (10 Pack)



The 5″ Senko Green Pumpkin w/ Purple & Copper Flake (10 Pack)⁣ is ⁤a ⁢soft plastic fishing lure​ designed for‌ bass ‌fishing. It features a green pumpkin color with purple ⁤and copper⁤ flake accents,​ measuring 5 inches in length. ​It⁣ has‌ a streamlined⁣ shape for natural movement in the ‌water, making it enticing for bass ⁤to bite.

Key Features:

1. Original soft-plastic⁢ stickbait designed by Gary Yamamoto
2. Versatile and can‍ be fished in⁤ multiple ways
3. High-quality construction and ⁤formula
4. ‌Easy ‍to use and effective in catching fish
5. Available in several proven colors
6. Quantity of 10 in a pack


– Length: 5 inches
– Weight: Not ‍specified
– Material: Soft plastic with salt impregnation
– Quantity: 10 per pack
– ​Colors: Multiple options available


– Can be fished weightless, ‍wacky-style, Texas-rigged, on a Carolina rig, or on a shakey head or flipping jig
– Suitable for anglers ‌of all levels, from beginners ⁢to professionals
– Ideal for catching a variety‌ of fish ​species.


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