50/25PCS UCEC Circle Hooks: Strong Wide Gap Fishing Hooks



The UCEC ‍Circle Hooks are highly durable and wide gapped fishing hooks available in sets of 50 or 25 pieces. These hooks⁣ are designed with a strong build for secure⁤ hookups and feature a sharp point​ for easy piercing. Ideal for ⁢catching ⁤a wide range of fish species.

Key⁣ Features:

– Wide gap in-line circle ⁤hooks for best hookup ratios
– Made of high carbon steel for strength and corrosion⁢ resistance
– Distinct curved shape for reduced ‌fish injury and easy hook removal
– Short ⁢shank design for​ battling⁤ heavier and bigger fish
– Pack of 50 hooks in 5 sizes (4/0, 5/0, 6/0, 7/0, 8/0) in reusable plastic box


– Material: ⁤High ⁤carbon steel
– Sizes: 4/0, ⁣5/0, 6/0, 7/0, ​8/0
– Quantity: 50 hooks
– Packaging: Reusable plastic ⁢box


– Ideal for targeting Tuna, ⁢Catfish, Sailfish, ‍Wahoo, Bass, and more
– Suitable for ‍freshwater or ⁢saltwater fishing
– Commonly used ‍in big game tournaments


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