50 Pcs Strong Short Treble Fishing Hooks (Size: 4/0#)



The “50⁢ Pcs Strong Short Treble Fishing Hooks (Size: 4/0#)” are durable⁤ and sharp hooks⁣ perfect for catching big fish. Made of high-quality carbon steel, these hooks are rust-resistant and have ‍a ⁤wide gap for a‌ higher hook-up rate. The compact size and strength make them ideal for freshwater and saltwater fishing.
Key Features:
1. Sharp barbed hooks with lower mortality rate
2. Made of ⁤high carbon steel⁣ for durability
3. Available in various sizes for different types of fish
4. Easy to install and disassemble
5. Suitable for all kinds of fish
6. Good workmanship with‍ chemically sharpened tips

– Material: Stainless steel
– Product packaging: ⁤50PCS/bag
-⁣ Product ⁤Specifications: 1#, 4#, 6#,‍ 1/0#, 2/0#, 3/0#, 4/0#, 5/0#

– Ideal for anglers looking to catch more fish
– Suitable for all types of ‍fishing enthusiasts
– ‍Sharp enough to pierce hard‌ scales for increased catch rate


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