500 Pcs Bass Lures Octopus Hooks Fishing Tackle Set



The ⁤500 Pcs Bass Lures Octopus Hooks Fishing Tackle Set is a comprehensive fishing kit containing a ‌variety of lures, hooks, and tackle for bass ⁢fishing. It includes octopus hooks, crankbaits,⁤ soft plastic worms, and more, making it ideal​ for anglers of all skill levels.

Key​ Features:

– Package includes 500 ⁢hooks in 10 different sizes
– Color: Black crank baits
– Material: Steel bass lures
– Sharp hook tips for fast and deep⁤ piercing
-‌ Designed ⁤for increased fish rate and stability
– Suitable for various fishing techniques such as Texas rig, saltwater⁢ fishing, and worm bait


– Sizes range from 9.5×5.8mm to 19x12mm
– Each size has 50 pieces
– Longitudinal pull design for increased hook efficiency
– Hook handle designed for reduced wire breakage


– Ideal​ for professional and affordable crank hook needs
– Suitable for various fishing applications including Octopus hooks, Texas rig fishing, saltwater fishing, and worm bait fishing.


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