50lb Copper Sulfate Mini Crystals Bag – EPA

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Copper Sulfate Mini Crystals 50lb Bag is a versatile and⁣ reliable solution for maintaining healthy plants, clear water bodies, and efficient septic systems. It is ​suitable for a range of applications in⁢ gardening,⁢ agriculture, and household maintenance.


The 50lb Copper Sulfate Mini Crystals Bag ‍- EPA is a chemical product used for various applications such as agriculture, water treatment,⁣ and pest control. With ⁣high-quality copper sulfate crystals and EPA certification, it provides effective and reliable results for users needing a powerful copper sulfate⁤ solution ⁢in a convenient bag size.

Key ‍Features:

– Effective fungicide for combating fungal diseases on plants, trees, and crops
– ⁢Potent algaecide for eliminating algae growth in ponds, water features, and irrigation systems
– Root ⁤control agent for septic systems to prevent blockages and maintain⁣ optimal performance
– High-quality ⁢mini crystals that ​dissolve easily for quick action
– Versatile application ‌in gardens, farms, aquatic environments, and septic ⁣systems

Technical Specifications:

– 99% pure⁢ copper‍ sulfate mini crystals
-​ 50-pound ⁢bag weight
– Granulation ⁢like ‌coffee ‌grounds for enhanced visibility and easy comparison


– Dilute in water for fungicide application on plants
– Dissolve in water and‍ apply ⁤to algae-infested areas for algaecide treatment
-⁢ Add to septic tank or drain​ field for root control in septic systems
– Wear ⁢protective gear‌ when handling and store in a⁢ cool, dry place



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