6 Pairs Women’s Nitrile Coated Garden Gloves, Medium, Pink/Green

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The 6 Pairs Women’s Nitrile Coated Garden Gloves ⁤in Medium, Pink/Green are‌ designed for gardening activities,⁤ providing a durable and comfortable grip​ while protecting hands from cuts and scrapes. The gloves feature a nitrile coating for ⁢increased durability⁣ and‌ resistance to punctures​ and abrasions.

Key Features:

1. Designed exclusively⁢ for women and ​smaller​ hands
2. ​Made of thickened fabric meeting CE standards for ‍reliable protection
3. Palm and fingers coated with eco-friendly ​nitrile for durability and grip
4. Breathable knitted gloves for comfortable wearing
5. Wrist closure to prevent ‍debris from entering glove
6. Easy to clean and fits like a second skin


– Material: Nitrile
– Size: ​M (close to standard S size), L⁤ (for those who usually wear M)
– Color: Green
– Usage: Gardening, mechanical work, construction ⁣work, etc.


– Ideal for‍ protecting hands, fingers, and wrists while working with thorny plants
– Suitable for gardening tasks like pulling weeds and trimming bushes
– Can be ‍used‍ for heavy-duty work in construction or mechanical fields



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