6X Strong Carbon Steel Fishing Treble Hooks Set – Size 2



The ‌6X Strong Carbon Steel Fishing Treble Hooks ⁤Set‌ in Size 2 ‌is a durable ⁢and reliable set ⁢of fishing hooks perfect for catching a variety of ‌fish species. Made of high-quality carbon steel, these⁤ hooks are​ extra strong and sharp, ensuring a secure hold when‍ reeling in your catch.

Key Features:

– 6X strong⁢ black nickel treble⁤ hooks
– Made of high carbon steel
– Available in sizes 3/0#, 2/0#,1/0#,1#,2# ⁣4# 6# ⁣8#
– Bold 6 times sharpened
– Black Nickel⁤ Plated
– ⁤Package includes 50 pcs of fishing hooks
– Needle point grinding for excellent‍ penetration
– Smooth welding surface for⁢ equal weight ⁣distribution
– ‌Anti-rust coating for saltwater fishing
– Same angle of three single⁢ hooks, won’t ⁤affect swimming‍ action


– Material: High‍ Carbon ⁣Steel
– Type: Treble Hooks
– Color: Black Nickel
– Size: 3/0#, 2/0#,1/0#,1#,2#‍ 4# 6#​ 8#


– Designed for easy operation
– Great for common freshwater fish and off⁣ shore fishing
– Suitable for lure hook ‍replacement
– Ideal for fishing lovers⁤ who need strong and reliable hooks

Please note:

– Due to manual measurement, there ⁣may be a slight⁣ error in size
– Colors ⁣may vary​ slightly‍ due to different monitors
– Contact the seller‍ for ‌any issues with the product, they will solve it within 24 hours


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