6X Strong Carbon Steel Treble Fishing Hooks for Salmon Fishing



The 6X Strong Carbon Steel Treble Fishing Hooks for Salmon​ Fishing are durable and reliable hooks ⁣designed specifically for catching salmon. Made with high-quality carbon steel, these hooks feature three points ‍for increased hooking potential. Perfect for anglers looking for a strong and effective fishing tool.

Key⁤ Features:

– Small and lightweight design
– 6x strong black nickel treble hooks
– Made of High Carbon Steel
– Bold 6 times sharpened
– Black Nickel Plated
– Package includes 50 pcs of Fishing Hooks
– Extremely durable with⁢ a sharp tip
– Needle Point, Forged, Round Bend
– Anti-rust coating for saltwater fishing


– Sizes available:‍ 3/0#, 2/0#,1/0#,1#,2# 4# 6# 8#


– Ideal for fishing enthusiasts looking for durable and sharp treble hooks
– Suitable for catching big fish and⁣ ensuring a successful fishing experience
– Can be ‌used in both ‍freshwater and saltwater fishing environments


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