7.5″ Danco Duffy Fishing Pliers with Replaceable Line Cutters

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The “7.5” ⁤Danco Duffy Fishing Pliers with Replaceable Line Cutters” is a durable⁤ and versatile tool for anglers. The pliers feature replaceable ‌line cutters, a spring-loaded handle, and a convenient lanyard to keep them ‌secure while fishing. ‌With a length of 7.5 inches, they are ​compact and‌ easy to use for various fishing‌ applications.

Attributes Description
T6-6061 Aircraft grade aluminum construction Light weight and reliable performance
Anodized Coating Corrosion resistance and rubber paint for comfort
Teflon coated 420 stainless-steel jaw ‍inserts Provides exceptional strength
Integrated stainless-steel bottle opener Added ​versatility to fishing toolkit
Replaceable Tungsten-Carbide side cutters Effortlessly handles various fishing lines
180° swiveling rubber sheath with belt​ clip For convenient access
36″ coiled lanyard with snap clip Keeps pliers within reach at all times
Weight 5.4 oz
Length 7.5″


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