8 LB Organic Clay Pebbles for Hydroponics and Gardening



The 8 LB‍ Organic Clay Pebbles are lightweight hydroponic and gardening medium made from natural clay. These pebbles are pH-neutral, reusable, and highly‍ porous, promoting‍ healthy root growth and excellent drainage.⁤ Ideal ‌for hydroponic systems, containers, and ​raised beds. Each ‍bag contains approximately ⁣1000 pebbles.

Key Features:

– Natural, organic, porous, and lightweight expanded ⁣clay ⁣pebbles
– Provides excellent aeration,⁣ water retention, and drainage for healthy plant growth
– Can be used for orchids,⁣ succulents, fish tanks, bonsai, and ⁤hydroponic plants
– Available in⁣ different sizes for versatile use
-⁣ Can be mixed with soil, used for hydroponics, top dressing, or​ placed at ⁣the ⁢bottom of soil


– ​Available ​in 2QT/8QT, 1 in-200pcs/1.2 in-144pcs/1.5⁣ in-196pcs, 3QT/6QT, ⁢2.2LB sizes


– Mix with⁣ soil to ‌increase permeability
– Fix roots of hydroponic plants
-‍ Reduce water evaporation as top‌ dressing
-⁤ Protect roots from ​damage,⁤ rotting, and excess acidity‌ when placed at ⁤the bottom of soil



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