9KM DWLIFE Offset Worm Fishing Hooks 50pcs, EWG Bass Hook Set



The 9KM DWLIFE‍ Offset⁤ Worm Fishing Hooks are a set of 50 EWG bass hooks designed for versatile fishing. Featuring a wide gap‌ and offset shank, these hooks are perfect for worm and soft ‍plastic bait fishing. Made of high carbon ⁢steel, they are ‌strong and durable for reliable hooksets.

Key Features:

– Material: High Carbon Steel
– Color: Black⁤ Nickel Plating
– Size: 1#-1/0#-2/0#-3/0#-4/0#-5/0#
– Set quantity: 50pcs/Per Size
– Use range: Ocean ‍Boat Fishing
– Corrosion-resistant for freshwater and saltwater use
– Offset hooks design for superior hook sets
– Multiple sizes ‌for versatile ⁢use
– Handy boxed set⁤ for ⁤storage and ‍organization


– ⁣Material: High Carbon Steel
– Customer Reviews:⁢ 4.7 out of 5 stars
– Extra Wide Gap design
– Offset Shank design
-‍ 2X High Strength
– Sharp Hook Point
– Wide Range of Applications


– Suitable for all types of soft plastic and live baits
– Ideal for bass fishing, drop shot, worm, Senkos,⁢ Texas rig, wacky rig
– Perfect ⁣for saltwater ⁣and freshwater⁤ fishing applications



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