Abimars Garden Fruit Tree Netting Bags, 2 Pack, Light Gray



Abimars Garden Fruit ‌Tree Netting Bags are a 2-pack⁤ set in light‌ gray color, ⁤designed to protect fruits from birds ⁣and insects. Made of durable, breathable material with drawstring closure for easy access. ⁣The bag dimensions are 16 x 16‍ inches, suitable for covering ‌various⁤ fruit trees in your garden.

The Garden Mesh Netting Bags are durable and offer an effective solution for protecting your plants from⁣ ⁤birds and other vertebrate pests. ⁣With their high-quality nanocomposite material, uniform thread spacing, and easy installation, these netting bags are a must-have for any gardener looking to keep their plants ‍safe and healthy.


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