Alamo Fungicide: Propiconazole



Alamo Fungicide: Propiconazole is a broad-spectrum fungicide that effectively ⁤controls‍ various plant diseases. It contains 40.7% Propiconazole⁤ as the active ingredient and provides protection against diseases such as anthracnose, rust, and powdery mildew. ‌This product is ‌designed for use in agriculture, horticulture, and turf ⁢management.

Key Features:

– Systemic fungicide⁣ for the prevention​ and treatment of oak wilt and Dutch elm disease
– Can be used on‌ golf courses, parks, residential and commercial landscapes, parkways, and woodlands
– Industry standard fungicide for oak wilt‍ and laurel wilt disease management
– Provides nearly⁢ 100% success with⁤ therapeutic treatments of white oaks
-⁢ Approximately 90% success with preventive treatments of red oaks
– Preventive treatments ⁤perform better than therapeutic treatments in live oaks
– Provides 18-24 months of protection against laurel wilt ‌disease


– Item Weight:⁣ 2 Pounds
– Date First ⁤Available: October‍ 6, 2020
– ASIN: B0063I61LA


– Root flare injection for oak wilt and Dutch elm disease prevention and treatment
– Suitable for use on various landscapes ‌including golf courses, parks, and woodlands
– Highly effective in controlling oak wilt ‌and⁤ laurel wilt​ diseases


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