ALSA Microinjection Fungicide 10 mL (6 Pack)



The ALSA Microinjection Fungicide ​is a 6-pack of 10 mL bottles designed to protect ‍plants from fungal diseases. It⁣ features a precise microinjection system for easy application, a broad spectrum formula ‌for effective control, and a long-lasting formula for continuous protection against harmful fungi.

Key Features:

– Broad-spectrum‍ systemic fungicide
– Microinjection system for ‍environmentally sensitive uses
– Controls ​selected diseases in annual and ornamental plants
– Prevents and treats Oak Wilt, Dutch elm disease, Sycamore Anthracnose, and more
-⁢ Retreatment based on annual inspection for⁤ disease ‍symptoms
– Suitable for use on‌ various tree diseases


– Active Ingredient: ALSA (Propiconazole)⁢ 14.3 EC
– Application: Microinjection
– Control of: Dollar Spot, Snthracnose, Brown Patch, Powdery Mildew, Rust, and⁢ more
– Flare root injection for prevention and treatment of⁢ diseases
– Available in various sizes for different applications


– Apply as needed based on disease symptoms and annual inspections
– Suitable ⁣for use on a wide range of tree diseases
-⁤ Follow label instructions for proper ​application ‍and safety precautions
– Do not assume residual disease control from ​previous treatments


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