AMYSPORTS Fishing Lead Drop Shot Weights for Bass and Catfish



The AMYSPORTS Fishing Lead Drop Shot Weights are designed for bass and catfish anglers. These weights are made of high-quality lead, ensuring durability and easy casting.⁤ Available ⁣in various sizes ranging from 1/8 oz to 1/2 oz, these weights are ideal for finesse fishing and improving‍ bait presentation.

Key Features:

1. Designed for fishing activities
2. Heavy enough for drop shot
3. Cylinder shaped for easy passage‌ through rocks
4. ‍Durable material with smooth surface to‌ prevent twisting of line
5.​ Corrosion resistance for both saltwater and freshwater
6. Variety ⁣of sizes available for different usages
7. Swivel clip for quick bait‍ or ⁢leader change


– Length⁣ ranges from 1.36 inch‌ to 2.1 inch
– Weight ranges‌ from 1/8 oz to 3/4⁢ oz


– Ideal for drop‍ shot fishing in streams
– Suitable for shore bank, offshore, and kayak fishing


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