Aquarium Air Stone with Accessories (2 Inch)

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The Aquarium Air Stone with Accessories (2 Inch)⁤ is‍ a small,‌ cylindrical device that diffuses air into fish tanks. ⁢Made of durable, non-toxic⁢ material, it connects to an air pump and tubing to create bubbles and⁢ improve oxygenation in the water. Great ⁤for aerating and ‌decorating aquariums.

Key Features:

– Nano ⁤disc air ​stone for‍ aquariums
– High dissolved oxygen rate
– ‌Made of high quality Nano ABS+ceramic material
– Includes air⁢ stone, control ⁤valve, check valve, and⁣ suction cups
-‍ Adjustable air⁣ volume
– Easy to use ‍and clean


– Package ⁣Dimensions: 3.98 x 3.9 x 2.24 inches; 4.66 ounces
– Manufacturer: HOTOOLME
-​ ASIN: B0C6K26H1J


– Suitable⁣ for freshwater, saltwater aquariums,‌ hydroponic systems, aqua farms, aqua cultures, etc.
– Soak air stone in water for⁣ an hour ⁣before use for better ⁣effect


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