Arber Organic Liquid Concentrate for Indoor Plants | Organic Fungicide

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The Arber Organic Liquid Concentrate is a natural fungicide designed for indoor plants. Made with organic ingredients, this ‍solution effectively⁢ combats fungal⁢ diseases to keep your plants healthy. With a concentrated formula,‌ it is easy to ⁢use ‍and suitable for a ‍variety ⁣of plant types.

Key Features:

1.​ Arber is a first⁣ of its kind Organic‍ Biologicals ⁣Plant Wellness company.
2. Offers a range of Biological Controls and Stimulants for all green spaces ⁣and home ​growers.
3. Revolutionary plant food made from recycled supermarket waste.
4. Bio Protectant⁢ promotes⁣ healthier leaves, roots, and soil.
5. Bio Fungicide protects ​against disease and promotes plant strength.
6. Supports plant health, ‌immunity, and greener leaves by⁣ controlling various pests and diseases.



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