Atticus Celoxid SC Fungicide (8 oz) – Controls Blights, Mildews



The Atticus Celoxid ‌SC Fungicide is an 8 oz fungicide that effectively controls blights and mildews⁢ on various plants. ⁢This product contains the active‍ ingredient,‌ Copper Hydroxide, which ⁤provides protection against a wide range of fungal diseases. It is easy to use and offers long-lasting control.

Key Features:

– Contains⁢ 34.5% cyazofamid for powerful fungicidal control
– Effective against Pythium root dysfunction, blight, and damping-off
– Can be used on ⁤turf‌ areas, ⁣ornamental plants, greenhouses, and nurseries
– Long-lasting ⁣disease protection for 7 to‌ 28 days
– No known fungicide ⁤cross-resistance
– Trusted by greenhouse growers, turf managers, and landscape professionals
– Protects against various Pythium and Phytophthora​ diseases
– Can be used on⁢ sports turf, lawns, landscapes,⁣ and nursery ornamentals
– Binds to‌ leaf surfaces for ⁤lasting residual ⁣activity
– Rotate with‌ Stergo MX for ​enhanced‌ control ⁤spectrum and resistance management


– Package Dimensions: 6.42 x 5 x 1.54 inches; 8 ounces
– Manufacturer: Atticus
– ASIN: B0BM525813
– Date First Available: November 11,⁤ 2022


– ​Apply preventively during favorable‍ disease development conditions
– Follow product label for approved use sites​ and application directions
– ⁤Not available for sale in Alaska, Hawaii, ⁢New ⁤York, ​or Vermont
– Always read and follow label instructions
– ‌Rotate with Stergo MX for season-long turfgrass program


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