Atticus Gravex 20 EW Fungicide – Myclobutanil 19.7% Control



The Atticus Gravex 20 EW Fungicide is a ⁢powerful solution containing 19.7% Myclobutanil for ​controlling various fungal ⁣diseases on crops. It provides broad-spectrum disease control with extended​ residual activity, making it a reliable⁤ choice for ⁤protecting ⁢plants ⁣from pathogens⁤ such as powdery mildew and rust.

Key ⁤Features:

– Developed in the USA
-⁤ Tested for quality
– Trusted results at a great value
– Systemic ⁤fungicide with ​curative and preventive properties
– Wide-use label for various applications
– Protects lawns,​ landscapes, golf course turf, greenhouse and nursery ornamentals


– Product⁤ Name: Gravex 20 EW
– Application: Absorbs into plant leaves and roots
– Use Sites: Lawns, landscapes, golf courses, sports turf,‍ greenhouse,‌ nursery
– Coverage: ​Protects over 100‍ ornamental plants
– Made in the USA


-​ Ideal for controlling and preventing disease in⁢ plants
-⁢ Suitable for use on lawns, landscapes, golf courses, sports turf, and ​ornamentals
– Provides effective​ disease‌ control ‌for various plant types
– Follow product label for ⁣complete ⁤use‍ site directions.


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