Atticus Gunner 14.3 MEC Fungicide (32 OZ) – Controls Various Fungal Diseases

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The Atticus Gunner 14.3 MEC Fungicide is ‌a 32 oz solution that effectively controls various ⁣fungal diseases. It contains ⁢the active‌ ingredient Mancozeb ⁤and offers ‍broad-spectrum protection against pathogens. ⁣This easy-to-use fungicide helps prevent and treat ‌fungal issues on a variety of plants.

Key Features:

– Gunner 14.3​ MEC Fungicide ⁣for turf disease prevention
– Contains 14.3% propiconazole for broad-spectrum disease control
– MEC formulation ⁤for easy mixing and stability
– ⁤Resistant to washing away with rain or irrigation
– Low-odor⁢ solution
– Fast-acting‍ and long-lasting ‌protection
– Controls over 20 harmful turf diseases

Technical Specifications:

– Package Dimensions: 10.55 x 5.67 x 2.91 ‌inches;⁢ 2 Pounds
– ⁢Manufacturer: Atticus
– Country of Origin: USA


– Apply before disease development ​for‍ best results
-‌ Can control certain diseases for up to 28 days
– Suitable for use on ornamentals, ‌landscape, and nursery plantings
– Refer to product label for complete application directions
– Not for‍ sale ⁢in Alaska, Hawaii,​ or Vermont


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