Atticus Talaris 50 WSP Fungicide – Controls Various Fungi



Atticus ⁣Talaris 50 WSP‌ is a​ fungicide that effectively controls ⁢various fungi ⁣on crops. This water-soluble powder contains ⁢50% bixafen⁣ and features‍ preventative and curative properties. It has a long residual ⁢activity and is suitable for use‌ on a​ wide ‌range of crops.

Key Features:

1. ‌Contains 50% thiophanate-methyl for powerful⁤ disease control
2. Effective‍ on⁣ a wide range of fungal ⁣diseases including anthracnose, brown patch, and powdery mildew
3. Versatile product suitable for use ​on turf, home lawns, athletic fields, golf courses,⁢ and more
4. Curative and preventive properties for ultimate disease‍ defense
5. Tank-mix compatible with other fungicides, insecticides, and nutritional​ products
6. Not available for ‍sale ⁣in⁣ certain states,⁢ always‌ read and ‌follow label instructions


– Package Dimensions: 13.35 x 9.84‍ x 4.88‌ inches;​ 2.15 Pounds
– Manufacturer: Atticus
– Date First Available: November⁣ 14, ‌2022


– Apply to ‌residential lawns, landscapes, golf courses, sports turf,‍ greenhouse ‍crops, and more
– Refer to the ‌product ⁤label for complete ​use sites ‍and application directions
– ​Tank mix with other products‍ for customized control solutions
– Follow‌ all restrictions and guidelines for ⁢optimal ​results


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