Azoxy 2SC Fungicide (2.6X More Azoxystrobin 2.5 Gallon)



Azoxy 2SC ⁤Fungicide is a powerful solution containing 2.6 ⁣times more Azoxystrobin per gallon, offering enhanced protection against a wide⁢ range of​ fungal diseases. With a high concentration of active​ ingredient, this ⁢product provides long-lasting ⁤control and improved crop⁣ health.

Key Features:

– Azoxy 2SC fungicide for optimal disease control
– Broad-spectrum⁣ protection with xylem-mobile systemic activity
– Defends against both soil⁢ borne and foliar diseases
– Prevents⁢ spore germination ⁤to prevent fungal infections
– Effective against a ​wide range of diseases
– Suitable for⁢ residential,⁢ commercial, parks, athletic fields, and turf use


– Package Dimensions: ‌15 x 10 x ⁤10 inches; 18 pounds
– Date First Available: August ⁤26, 2022
– Manufacturer: GCS
– Country of Origin: USA
– Active Ingredient:​ Azoxystrobin 22.9%


– Ideal for turfgrass,⁤ corn, potato, soybean, and vegetable growers
-⁢ Can be used in residential, commercial,‌ parks, athletic fields,‌ and⁤ turf settings


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