Azoxy 2SC Select Liquid Fungicide Quart – Compare to Heritage



The Azoxy 2SC Select Liquid⁤ Fungicide Quart is a potent fungicide designed to combat a wide range ‍of fungal ⁣diseases ⁣in plants. Comparable to Heritage, this product contains​ the‍ active ingredient⁤ azoxystrobin and comes ⁢in‌ a convenient ⁢liquid form for easy application.

Key Features:

1. Contains 2.6x more active ingredient than Heritage TL
2. Convenient liquid formulation for easy tank mixing
3. Defends against both soil borne​ and foliar⁢ diseases
4. ⁤Complete root-to-leaf distribution
5. Constant delivery for even distribution ‌to new growth
6. Greater degree of root uptake compared to other ‌strobilurins
7. Prevents spore germination, preventing fungal infections
8. Does not⁤ impact honey bees and other beneficials
9. Low use rate


– Formulation: Suspended‍ concentrate
– Protection Duration: Up ⁤to 28 days
– Labeled Use Sites: Residential, Commercial, ‌Parks/Rec, Athletic Fields, Turf, Golf Turf
– Pests Controlled:⁤ Various fungal​ diseases⁢ including ⁢anthracnose, brown patch, powdery mildew, ‌and more


-‌ Suitable for use in residential, commercial, ⁢and recreational areas
– Ideal for controlling a wide range ⁣of fungal diseases on turf and other plants
– Easy to mix and ⁣apply in tanks for convenient⁢ use


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