Azoxy 50 WDG Select, 1# Azoxystrobin – Compare to Heritage



Azoxy 50 WDG ‍Select is a fungicide containing 1# Azoxystrobin, similar to Heritage. It provides broad-spectrum disease control, can be used on⁢ turf, ornamentals, and other crops,‍ and offers ⁤a long-lasting‌ residual effect. This product is⁢ effective ⁤against dollar‍ spot, brown patch,⁤ anthracnose, and more.

Key Features:

– Total protection achieved through foliar and root absorption
– Provides continuous protection for up to 28 ⁤days
– Defends against soil⁢ borne and foliar ‌diseases
– ⁣Complete root-to-leaf distribution
– Prevents spore germination


– Labeled ​uses: Residential, Commercial ⁢Parks/Rec, Athletic Fields, Turf, ‌Golf Turf
– Labeled ‌diseases: Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Fairy Ring, Gray Leaf Spot, Yellow Patch, and more
– Active ingredient: Azoxystrobin 50%


– Designed ⁣to control tough turf diseases ‍such as brown⁣ patch, fairy ring, and leaf spot
– Highly systemic with greater root uptake
– Suitable for​ over-seeding⁤ of dormant turfgrass
– Safe for honey bees‍ and other beneficials


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