BASF Pillar G Granular Fungicide



The BASF Pillar G Granular ‌Fungicide is a highly ​effective⁣ fungicide that helps ⁢control‌ a wide range of turf diseases. It features a unique grain formulation for easy application and long-lasting protection against various fungi. With active ingredients​ including pyraclostrobin and triticonazole, ⁢it provides powerful preventative and curative action.

Key Features:

– Combination of Insignia and‍ Trinity fungicides for effective ⁢disease control
-​ Improves plant health‌ and stress management
– Granular form for easy spreading and ​application
– Broad turfgrass tolerance
– Controls ‍a wide range of diseases
– Suitable for residential and ‍commercial use on lawns, golf courses, parks, and more

Technical Specifications:

– Active Ingredients: ⁣Pyraclostrobin – ⁢0.38% & Triticonazole – 0.43%
– Use ‍Sites: Residential and commercial lawns,⁣ golf courses, sod⁣ farms, parks, sports fields, cemeteries


-‍ Apply to control diseases such as anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch, snow ⁣molds, and ⁣more
– Use during stressful periods to improve plant health and quality turfgrass
– ⁤Suitable for various turf types ‍and locations for effective disease ⁤control and plant⁢ health⁣ maintenance


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