Bass Fishing Lure Kit with Swim Shad Soft Baits



The Bass Fishing Lure Kit with Swim‍ Shad Soft Baits ⁣is ‍designed for ⁣catching ⁤bass in freshwater. The⁣ kit⁣ includes a variety ⁤of swim⁣ shad soft baits that mimic natural prey, with lifelike swimming action and realistic colors.⁣ These durable lures are ideal ⁤for attracting bass in different water⁢ conditions.

Key Features:

– High Carbon Steel Triple Hook
– High Strength⁤ Soft Plastic Material
– ‍Designed for top water soft ⁣plastic ‍weedless swimbait
– Extensive testing and⁤ quality control ⁣to meet global standards
– Low cost direct⁢ from factory⁢ suppliers
-​ Super sharp and durable steel hook
– Life-like S-shaped swimming motion
– Hi-grade plastics⁢ to resist​ fish bite
– Suitable for sea, river, lake, pond, freshwater, ⁤and saltwater
– 3D holographic ‌hard fishing eyes
– Flexible fishing paddle tails


– Set of 10‍ jig head bass fishing lures
– Each lure is 3.15 inches and 0.45 oz
– Designed ⁣with jig hook​ inside the head
– Suitable⁤ for bass, trout, walleye, pike, salmon, ‌red fish, and more
– Weedless ‍design for fishing ‌through ⁣cover
– Enhanced with fish attractant


– Ideal for river, lake fishing, beach fishing, boat‍ fishing, ⁢and ocean fishing
– Great ⁤gift for fishermen to increase catches and enjoyment in fishing.


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