BASSDASH Women’s UPF 50+ Fingerless Fishing Gloves for Outdoor Activities



The BASSDASH​ Women’s ⁢UPF 50+ Fingerless Fishing Gloves are⁢ designed for outdoor activities with superior‌ sun protection. Made ​with quick-drying‍ fabric, silicone palm for grip, ⁣and‌ fingerless ​design for dexterity, these gloves keep hands safe and comfortable while out ​on the water.

Key features:

– UV protection fabric
– 4-way⁤ stretch and quick dry Poly-Spandex
– Synthetic ⁢Microfiber Leather
-⁢ UPF 50+ protection
– Lightweight and breathable
– Non-slip, durable ‌palm
– 3/4 finger ⁤length for⁣ dexterity


– Material: Poly-Spandex,​ Synthetic Microfiber Leather
– UV Protection: UPF 50+
– Size: Women’s sizing
– Color: Black


– Fishing
– ‍Kayaking
– ⁢Hiking
– Cycling
– Boating
– Gardening
– Outdoor activities


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