BESPORTBLE 4 Pcs Bait Protector – PVC Fishing Gear



The BESPORTBLE ⁤4 Pcs Bait Protector ‍is a set ⁤of PVC fishing gear designed to protect bait ⁣from being crushed ‌or damaged during transportation. It features a durable PVC construction, ​lightweight design, and a secure snap closure to keep bait secure. ‌Perfect ​for avid anglers looking to keep their bait fresh and ​intact ⁣while‍ on the go.

Key Features:

– Size: ‍20.00X20.00X0.20 cm/ 7.86X7.86X0.08 inch Protector Covers
-​ Assorted color Fishing Protector ‍Covers
– Material: PVC Fishing Protective Covers
– ‍Puncture resistant material
– Transparent ‌design for quick selection while fishing


– Package includes 4 fish bait⁤ protective covers
– Made of durable PVC material
– Easy to open⁤ and‍ close
– Compatible with most ⁣hooks and baits


– Protects fishing bait from tangling⁤ and getting hooked
– Keeps⁢ hooks from getting caught on ‍carpeting, clothing, or skin
– Organizes and ⁣keeps fishing gear ⁣tangle-free
– Ideal for ‍storing different hooks and‌ baits in a safe‍ way


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