BioAdvanced 2-In-1 Systemic Flower Care, 10 lb


BioAdvanced 2-in-1 Rose and Flower Care⁣ is a convenient and effective​ solution for feeding and protecting ‍your roses and plants.


The BioAdvanced ‍2-In-1 Systemic Flower Care, 10 lb ⁣is a plant fertilizer and insecticide combination product designed for flowering plants. It⁤ provides essential nutrients for healthy growth and⁢ controls insects that ​may‌ harm the ⁣plants.⁤ The systemic formula ensures long-lasting ⁢protection and ​nourishment for beautiful blooms.

Key Features:

– Acts as both plant food and insect protection
– Feeds roses and flowers for⁣ strong and beautiful blooms
– Kills destructive insects such ‌as aphids, lace ⁣bugs, and leafhoppers
-⁤ Rainproof protection for up to 6 ⁣weeks
– ‌Easy-to-use‍ granules for application
– Treats up to⁣ 36 rose bushes

Technical Specifications:

– Active Ingredient: 1.5% Acephate
– EPA Registration Number: 192-211-92564
– NPK Fertilizer Analysis: 6-9-6
– Available⁢ in ⁣5 lb and 10 lb bottles


– Apply granules to soil around the ⁣base ⁢of plants
– Work granules into the top 1-2 ​inches of⁣ soil
– Water thoroughly after application



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