BioAdvanced 3-in-1 Plant Control Spray, 32oz



The BioAdvanced‌ 3-in-1 Plant Control Spray ⁣is a 32oz liquid solution designed to treat and protect plants from insects, diseases, and mites. It ​is a ‌ready-to-use ‍formula that provides systemic protection for up to 30⁤ days and is rainproof within 30 minutes of application, making it‌ an efficient and convenient ​option‌ for gardeners.

Key Features:

– ‌3-in-1 formula for insect, disease, and mite control
– Kills and controls listed insects and pests
– Cures⁣ and prevents listed fungal diseases
– Controls‌ spider mites
– Rainproof protection ‌lasts up to 30 days
– ​Absorbed by root ‌system for internal uptake
– ‍Ready-to-spray applicator for ​easy use
– Treats up to 190 rose bushes


– Size:‍ 32 ounces
– Active Ingredients: ‌0.47% Imidacloprid, ‌0.61% Tau-fluvalinate, 0.65%⁣ Tebuconazole
– ⁣EPA Registration⁢ Number: 92564-31


– Suitable for roses,⁣ flowers,​ shrubs,⁤ trees, houseplants, and more
– Attach⁣ to garden hose and activate​ sprayer with thumb
– Not for‌ sale in NY, CT, MD, & VT


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