BioAdvanced Fruit & Citrus Tree Insect Concentrate 32 oz



The BioAdvanced Fruit & Citrus Tree Insect Concentrate is a 32 oz insect killer specifically designed for use on fruit and citrus trees. With a concentrated formula, this product effectively eliminates‍ common pests such ​as aphids, ⁢spider mites, and whiteflies, helping to protect the health and vitality of your plants.

Key Features:

– Protects fruits and citrus ⁢trees from damaging pests
– Prevents new ‍infestations for⁣ up ⁤to 2 months
– Kills Asian citrus psyllids,​ aphids, whiteflies, and other pests
– Treats up to 9 fruit trees or 640 square feet ‍of vegetables
– Rainproof protection
– Easy to ⁣use, ⁤just mix and pour⁤ at⁢ the plant base


– 32 oz concentrate
– One blue bottle for season-long protection
– Restricted in certain states and counties


– ⁣Apply once a year at labeled‍ application timings
– ​Do not spray, just‌ mix and pour ⁤at the base of plants


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