BioAdvanced Fruit & Vegetable Insect Control, 32 oz



The BioAdvanced Fruit & Vegetable Insect Control is a 32 oz liquid insecticide formulated for⁢ use‍ on fruits and vegetables to protect against ‍common insects ⁤such as aphids, mites, and caterpillars. It is easy to⁤ use,‌ just apply directly‍ to the plant according to the instructions on the label.

Key Features:

– Provides season long protection against insects
– Specially formulated for edible​ plants
– Rainproof one hour after application
– No spraying required, just mix with water
– Treats up to 640 square feet


– Size: 32 ounces
– Active Ingredient: 0.235% Imidacloprid
– EPA Registration Number: 92564-46


– Can be used ⁢on over 100 listed fruits, vegetables, and citrus plants
– Kills insects ​and prevents new infestations
– Effective against Asian Citrus Psyllids, Aphids, ‍Whiteflies, and more
– One application provides season-long protection ‌without spraying
– Systemic rainproof ⁤protection that will not wash off


– Restricted in CT, MD, MA, ME, and⁤ VT
– Not​ for sale in Nassau, Suffolk, Kings, and Queens counties in NY


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