BioAdvanced Rose and Flower Care Concentrate, 64 oz



The BioAdvanced Rose ​and Flower Care Concentrate is a 64 oz⁤ bottle of concentrate designed to help‌ nurture and protect roses and flowering plants. ‌It provides essential nutrients, promotes strong root development, and protects against pests and diseases. Just‌ mix with water and apply to‌ your plants for optimal growth and health.

Key Features:

– 3-in-1 formula: fertilizer, insect control, and⁤ disease control
– Promotes‌ strong roots and beautiful blooms for roses, hibiscuses, ⁣irises, and other flowers ⁢and shrubs
– Kills destructive⁢ insects such as adelgids, aphids, whiteflies,‌ and more
-⁣ Controls diseases like black spot, powdery mildew, rust, Southern blight, and more
– Rainproof protection for up to 6 ⁣weeks
– Easy to use concentrate, ⁣no spraying required
– Measures 64-ounces
– Active Ingredients: 0.15% Imidacloprid; 0.80% Tebuconazole
– EPA Registration ⁢Number: 92564-7
– NPK Fertilizer Analysis: 9-14-9


– Apply at the base of the plant,⁣ avoiding the leaves
– Mix and pour for best results
– Ideal for growing roses, flowers, and shrubs


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