BioAdvanced Rose & Flower Spray, Concentrate, 64 oz

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The BioAdvanced Rose & Flower Spray Concentrate is ⁤a 64 oz product designed ⁤to protect roses and other flowers from insects, diseases, ⁤and mites. It is formulated for easy application with a water hose ​and provides‍ up to 30 days​ of ⁢protection.

Key Features:

– 3-in-1 formula for disease control, insect ⁣control,​ and mite control
– ⁢Controls black spot, powdery mildew, rust, aphids, caterpillars, Japanese ‍beetles, spider mites,⁤ and more
– Rainproof for up to 14 days
– Easy‌ to⁤ use concentrate, no spraying involved
– Treats up to 384 ‌rose bushes

Technical Specifications:

– Active Ingredients: 0.65% ‌Tebuconazole; ⁢0.61% Taufluvalinate
-⁣ EPA Registration Number: 92564-63
– Size: 64 ounces


– ‍Suitable for use on houseplants and outdoor plants
– Ideal for roses, flowers, vines,‌ ground covers, ornamentals, and other rambling plants


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